Good food is even better when shared

Oh, this is good. I mean, I’m not going because I’m happily married to the big guy but if I were in the market, I’d be in the market. Whole Foods Market in Roswell, that is, where the Whole Foods Market Singles Meetup Group will gather for the first time on Thursday, July 29, 2010.

I’ve been telling you for a while where you can find good food that’s conscientiously prepared but it never occurred to me to tell you how you could find a good dinner mate to sit across the table from you and look deeply into your eyes while you share it. Luckily, someone else thought up this vast improvement to eating alone for you and I’m just passing it along.

If your interest in pairings goes beyond which organic wine goes with which local, hormone and cruelty-free, sustainably produced meat and sustainable cookware (or better yet, veggie), get thee to the Whole Foods Market Meetup Group.

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