Thriving and diving in Savannah

We went to Savannah last month to dip our feet in the water and dive into the sumptuous culinary offerings of Thrive, a Carryout Cafe. Thrive is the second Georgia restaurant to earn the designation of Certified Green Restaurant awarded by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA).

Since we’ve already gone on and on in this blog about what it takes to be a Certified Green Restaurant (be Styrofoam free, use sustainable furnishings and building materials as well as sustainable food sources, efficiency in water and fuel consumption, waste reduction and recycling, chemical and pollution reduction, and the use of eco-ware if disposables are used at all)…why not go on about it again? It’s quite an accomplishment for a restaurant to meet these standards and to commit to the GRA’s requirements for ongoing progress in reducing their carbon footprint.

We knew going in that we were going to be really happy with Thrive’s greening efforts. What we didn’t know was – does the p90x3 meal plan fit here?

Even though we had already perused the menu and chosen things we might order when we got there, when we actually stood in front of the display case and saw the attractively dressed food lined up like little entrants in a Georgia beauty pageant, all we could do was stare and point.

The veggie pate was a visual knockout.Though listed as a lunch menu item, it looked substantial enough for an evening meal. We wanted to eat light before we hit the beach so we went with the avocado sandwich and a cup of soup. And the answer to our question, gentle reader, is – Yes, indeedy, they certainly can cook.
While we chatted and enjoyed our yummy meal, we noticed a sign that identified the cafe’s coffee as being from Ogeechee River Company, whose proprietor, Scott Miller, was known to Larry from whatever kind of fraternity coffee roasters and connoisseurs belong to. Poor guy started jiggling his leg under the table just talking about it.

It was a quick trip and we didn’t make it to Cha Bella, the other Savannah restaurant that we’ve been dying to try. I would be disappointed about missing it if it didn’t mean we are just going to have to go back at our earliest opportunity. Sigh.

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