Green your Kitchen

Ever since we started viewing the world through green-colored glasses, we’ve gotten increasingly aware of ways we can make more sustainable choices in the details of our day-to-day lives. That’s important because as much as we love going out to eat at allĀ  the conscientiously managed restaurants we’ve been telling you about over the past year, most of our meals are still prepared in our very own kitchen, thanks to Chef Larry, and it’s there that the choices we make will have the greatest impact on our world.

We’ve been composting, recycling, and keeping an eagle-eye on packaging waste for awhile but it was just last week that I started catching the gray water in our kitchen sinks. It was quite a surprise to see how much of it was going down the drain when it could be put to so much better use raising petunias.

There are probably all kinds of little actions like that we could take and changes we would be happy to make if the need for them were brought to our attention. That’s why we were so glad to learn about Food + Shelter , a benefit taking place this Sunday, April 18, between the hours of 2-5. There, we’ll have a chance to feast on sustainably grown, locally sourced food prepared by WoodfireGrill Chef Kevin Gillespie while feasting our eyes on the LEED registered home of Matt and Jennifer Liotta. Certified Kitchen Designer Matthew Rao, Dencity , and Michael Habachy will be there to offer food for thought about how guests, including Larry and I, can make our own homes more sustainable. We’re all about that.

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