Passionate Duo – Park’s Edge offers Great Food and Warm Hospitality

Wow, what a dinner experience we had at Park’s Edge, a tony Inman Park restaurant and bar. Tuesday Night Dinner Group (Larry, Kathy, Linda, Karen and I) walked into the very friendly and open arms of owner Richard N. Wadlington, Jr.  After a short while, Chef Jorge I. Pacheco came out and spent a fair amount of time chatting with us too. It felt like they had personally invited us over for dinner and were cooking up something special for us alone. Given that Atlanta is in the worse recession in recent history it’s amazing that  Park’s Edge just recently celebrated its one year anniversary. The quality of the food and the hospitality feels like a harbor in the economic storm.

Ooh la la – the food.  Chef Pacheco is from Mexico City and Mr. Wadlington is from Los Angeles. As a result, the food has a clean California style with innovative and bold Mexican flavors. For an appetizer we shared an order of Avocado Eggrolls, a crispy eggroll crust filled with avocado and sun dried tomatoes and a walnut tamarind sauce. The Baby Spinach Salad was perfect with blackberries, goat cheese, roasted pistachios and just lightly dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette. For the entrées, Kathy and Larry were very happy with their Pan-Seared Tofu Stir-Fry with veggies and soba noodles in a citrus soy sauce. The rest of us had the Sesame Grilled Salmon with ginger sticky rice, strawberry red onion ragu and green curry beurre blanc.  Just writing that makes my mouth water all over again, but I do need to use my bowflex max trainer m7 review to work off the meal though.

We were all so happy and cheerful that we almost forgot to ask Richard and Jorge about their green practices. They were very excited to share with us that they buy as much local, fresh and seasonal food they can at the Forest Park and Decatur farmers’ markets. They made Kathy really happy when they said they recycle all their glass and paper and all to-go containers are recyclable paper.

So what more can I say….get thee to Inman Park and get royally treated while eating fabulous food.

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