Send a flood of support Gloria’s way

Remember this picture of Gloria taking our money at The Mercantile register?

Well, she needs some more. The home of Mercantile manager Gloria Limanni and her husband David was badly damaged in the 100 year flood that recently took Atlanta residents by storm. Since the Limanni’s followed FEMA’s recommendation to drop their flood insurance (I’m from the government and I’m here to help), they’re now up a creek, so to speak, and could really use your help with covering some of the expenses they’ll be incurring in the work to restore their home.

The Mercantile owners Janea Boyles and Samantha Enzmann have set up a blog to make it easier to contribute to the cause and to keep track of the Limanni’s progress in rebuilding. Please help this lovely person if you can. She’s the one who is always ready to help you when you walk through the door at the Mercantile.

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