Gettin’ 10 cents off coupons wherever I go

Last Friday I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a few things for dinner. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never noticed before that they give people a ten cent discount for bringing in their own bags. I’ve been giving credit to Earth Fare and IKEA and Sam’s Club for offering incentives for people to bag the bags but somehow I glossed right over the fact that Whole Foods has been doing the same thing all along.

I like Whole Foods and I’ve been sad to see all the the energy about boycotting them because of John Mackey’s views on health care. Maybe the government should be taking care of our health care; I don’t know, but I do think we should be taking care of our own health in such ways as buying organic produce and eating a plant-based, ecologically friendly diet. Yes, organics can be more expensive than factory farmed food choices. In my humble opinion, they’re worth it.

That beautiful Heirloom tomato I scored at Whole Foods on Friday sure was. We filled up on it and the crusty artisan bread and the goat  cheese cranberry torte, the roasted garlic and the ripe olives, and we went to bed happy and full. It was a lovely way to start the weekend.

The next morning we rolled out of bed and into those big comfy chairs at Borders where we like to read books and drink the coffee from Seattle’s Best Coffee shop right there in the store. We got another pleasant surprise when we were given ten cents off of our coffee purchases just for asking them to pour it in the stainless steel mugs we always keep in the car for just such an occasion.

So take your own bags with you when you grocery shop and take your own cups with you when you stop by the coffee shop for a little jolt of caffeine. Get your discount when you do. It’s like having coupons for ten cents off wherever you go.

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