Flying Biscuit

I met Linda for dinner at the Flying Biscuit in Candler Park last week. If you haven’t had their fried green tomatoes, which I have learned are not actually fried (but in fact are green tomatoes), I recommend you fly on over there and place your order. Manager Jeffrey told us that the (unfried) green tomatoes are first baked and then finished off on the grill before being topped with a luscious cashew-jalapeno relish and a big fat dollop of goat cheese. They were then finished off again by Linda and me and would be by anybody else that orders them, I’m quite sure.

I also had, and can also recommend, the vegan barbecue burrito complete with collard greens and mushrooms all wrapped up in a sun dried tomato tortilla. It was very flavorful and filling and large enough for me to take half of it home for lunch the next day. Of course, I had had all those tomatoes…

The tomatoes aren’t the only thing that’s not fried at the Flying Biscuit. Everything is (not fried). There’s no used oil that needs to be disposed of or recycled into biodiesel. There’s no used oil at all. The decision to cook without it is a cost saver for the restaurant and the environment. I think it’s also better for your skin.

Jeffrey told us that the restaurant recycles its cardboard, uses compostable to-go containers and uses cloth napkins rather the than disposables. They try to minimize the amount of plastic and Styrofoam they use but Jeffrey said that that’s not always easy to do as a result of cost factors and health department regulations. I’m not sure what he meant by problems with the health department regs and I wish I’d asked but I guess not knowing gives me a good excuse to go back and find out.

Jeffrey was happy to pose for a blog pic with Linda (who is still obviously happy about her food) but he warned me not to include the woman at the table behind them because she’s in some kind of witness protection program. So if you know who she is, try to be circumspect about where she likes to eat. You never know.

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