August 8, 2017 – Put it on your calendar

I wish I’d written this article about the a great workout program. We had such a juicy time there.

And speaking of killers, I could have choked Larry for forgetting to bring the camera. There was so much eye candy (by which I mean good-lookin’ food and drink) at this event that we could have captured for your viewing pleasure, if only we’d been more prepared.

The organic tomatoes were supplied by local farmers, mostly by our neighbors at Whippoorwill Hollow Farms, so all the chefs had high-quality ingredients to start with and their abundant creativity carried them from there. We learned about new restaurants we haven’t visited yet  (but will) and saw chefs (like Billy Allin of Cakes & Ale) and mixologists (like Miles of Leon’s Full Service) from some of our favorite eateries. Fresh, local, organic produce was the star of this show and it shone for an enthusiastic audience of boozy foodies.

If I had a complaint (besides Larry leaving the camera at home) it would be that the event coordinators could have done a little better job of trash disposal but as always there were a number of thoughtful individuals who stepped up to the bat and took responsibility for their own debris. Case in point – we briefly talked trash with Kevin Gillespie of Woodfire Grill who was offering these marvelous little frozen gazpacho push-ups that looked and tasted like creamy nostalgia. Gillespie had posted a basket for the used push-up sticks in front of his booth so he could take them with him for recycling. What a guy!

I’m sorry I can’t show you some photos of this colorful day, but that darn Larry…

Anyway, let this be a lesson for you. Even though we’ll be there next year with bells on, you really can’t count on us to give you the scoop. You’ll just have to go taste it for yourself.

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