GIANT Shrimp Festival

The Wild Georgia Shrimp Festival got underway today at the Jekyll Island Landmark Historic District with the $3 Shrimp Sample Night, which gave attendees a chance to taste recipes from the each vendor for the low, low price of (you guessed it) only 3 dollars. Highlights of tomorrow’s programming will include an Amateur Cooking Competition, cooking demo by Chef Robert Tulko, entertainment by the Big Dawg and Paul Show, music by the Randall Bramblett Band, magic shows and more.

Sunday’s activities include the professional cooking competition featuring shrimp and grits dishes from local restaurants and vendors. There will also be a cooking demo by Chef Joe Randall of Joe Randall’s Savannah Cooking School, more live music and magic and more competitive shrimp eating. So if you’re feeling competitive, or just hungry, come on out and eat.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Wild Georgia Shrimp are a local food source caught by local shrimpers using methods that release turtles and other incidentally captured sea life unharmed. The shrimp are produced sustainability in the cool, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and adjoining estuaries and are not overfished.

So go ahead, eat all you want. We’ll spawn more.

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