Brunch at Wahoo! Grill

After our trip to Cedar Key, when we first started noticing all the trash that gets dispensed in the service of carrying out leftovers so as not to waste food, Wahoo! Grill in Decatur was one of the first restaurants we saw using compostable take-out containers. WooHoo!

We were already crazy about their food and observing this act of thoughtfulness toward the world made us feel even better about them. It was like finding out that someone you’ve already fallen in love with just happens to be independently wealthy and you didn’t even know it. It was icing on an already sweet cake.

You might as well know that even though we’re in love with Wahoo, we’re kind of polyamorous when it comes to restaurants so we haven’t dined there in awhile. We like to play the field and eat around. What with GRA-certified Radial just down the street, new Sunday brunches at Twain’s and Carpe Diem, vacations, chores, sleeping late and Larry’s willingness to make pancakes at home, we’ve been overdue for a Wahoo meal. This past weekend we decidedit was time to stop back by and rekindle that flame.

We always end up ordering the same thing – sides of grits and breakfast potatoes and the tofu scramble and burrito for our entrées, because they’re the two vegetarian choices on the brunch menu and because we like them. Last Sunday we varied that a little because they had a ricotta-lemon pancake special we didn’t think we could pass up. We’re glad we didn’t – these were delicate little discs of flavor, artfully arranged with flavorful, fat blackberries and blueberries and drizzled with honey.

Well, yum. And it was all served with a side of guitar music by Elliot, which we likewise thoroughly enjoyed.

One of the fabulous things about writing this blog is that it gives us an excuse to strike up conversations with restaurants’ servers, managers, chefs and owners. We’ve met some really nice people this way and Drew, our Wahoo server on Sunday, solidly fits into the “nice person” category.

Drew is a newbie to Atlanta, having recently moved here to attend graduate school at Emory, but he’s an old hand at sustainable practices. He told us that in addition to using compostable to-go containers, Wahoo is big on the farm-to-table concept and buys a great deal of its food from local farmers. Wahoo’s chicken is organic and the salmon is wild rather than farmed. Wahoo doesn’t compost or recycle (Drew does) but the manager likes the idea of recycling and may make a move in that direction in the near future.

We hope so. You know, no matter how much you love somebody, you can always see a few places where they could stand to tweak their performance a little in order to be even better than they already are.

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